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Shandong Wanhe Chemical Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2015, in Shandong province. The company owns two plants with total 50 acre, which the old plant in Shanxi province and the new plant locates in Shangrao city, Jiangxi province. We devotes its efforts to the R&D and production of pharmaceutical Intermediates and new materials intermediates, with total 110 staffs. The high-teched engineer and technical R&D staff more than 45. The plants own more than 50 pieces of different types of reactors from 200L-5000L and other imported equipment. Wanhe company could do different reactions, like halogenating reaction, fluoridation, nitration,hydrogenation, reduction reaction and etc.

To make and produce the high quality pharmaceutical and new material intermediates will be the everlasting pursuit of Wanhe chemical!

R&D Quality Control

The research and development center of the company integrates various basic chemical science research, various kinds of polymer materials auxiliary production process innovation, auxiliary new product research, application technology research and industrial transformation technology research. 

At the same time, we also have strict quality control procedures and means to ensure real-time monitoring of the indicators of the product, and adopt a series of internal control measures to ensure first-class quality. SQC monitors the quality indicators of each batch to ensure the stability of the product batch.

Contribute green chemical concepts and products to society


Company Was Founded In 2015


Manufacturing base area


Senior technical staff


2000L-5000L reactor

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