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Aug 30,2023

        The high-end pharmaceutical intermediate workshop project with an investment of 60 million yuan was unanimously approved by the shareholders' meeting of the company and started construction in Jiangxi. The new project (Jiangxi No. 1 Workshop), with an initial investment of 20 million yuan and an area of 3500 square meters, mainly produces diabetes pharmaceutical intermediates and anti-cancer pharmaceutical intermediates; At the same time, we can undertake pharmaceutical intermediate CRO and CDMO projects.

        During the construction period of the new factory (Jiangxi No.1 Workshop), the old factory located in Shanxi is still responsible for the production of the company's pharmaceutical intermediates and material synthesis intermediates projects. After the completion and operation of a workshop in Jiangxi, a new pattern of one body and two wings will be formed, consisting of Jinan R&D headquarters and two production bases in Jiangxi and Shanxi. At that time, the company's research and development and production capacity will inevitably double, and its comprehensive strength in the industry will also be greatly improved.

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